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The MuraLi project was born with the idea of bringing art and culture within the city of Livorno. We are an Under 35 association, born with the dream of wanting to relaunch our city, aiming to create an open-air museum.

Through Street Art and muralism we want to add something new that you can visit, experience and experience on a daily basis, thus stimulating interest within lesser-known neighborhoods and areas.

We believe that, through the implementation of a sustainable project such as that of MuraLi, the image of Livorno can be relaunched in the Italian and international context.


Our Murals:

Stappati / Uncorked represents a bottled mermaid holding a narwhal to symbolize the corkscrew. The bottle is a clear historical reference to the messages sent by sailors in ancient times. The profound meaning of the work encourages the observer to free himself from preconceptions and patterns in which we live: in fact the siren, whose head is still locked in the bottle, to be truly free and let her ideas flow into the sea, is forced to open the cap. The fact that she is still entangled in it without being able to get out indicates that it is precisely her own thought of her that is not yet free.

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The work that celebrates the centenary of the death of Amedeo Modigliani entitled “L’âme de Montparnasse”, wants to create a real fil rouge between Livorno, the place where Modigliani was born and raised, and the Montparnasse district in Paris where has developed his creative genius, giving life to his most famous works, with the unique and unmistakable style that made him famous. The work is inspired by one of the few photographic portraits of Modigliani that has survived to the present day, which is however reinterpreted and incorporated here with colored and abstract elements.


“My creative process is spontaneous and always in relation with what I live and what I see in the natural world. These aspects are always at the heart of my need to paint. I try to bring my idea of natural elements that struck me into my paintings. The subject is always abstract, sometimes more geometric and static, other times more dynamic and instinctive. I never want to convey a certain message in my works, but I try to intrigue the public about every possible meaning or interpretation. “


The mural, entitled “Time Is Running Backwards”, takes its cue from the former Odeon Cinema, a few steps from the City Center Park. The cinema was designed and built between 1952 and 1953 by the futurist scenographer Virgilio Marchi. It was the largest cinema in the city, particularly appreciated for its excellent acoustics and the refinement of space sounds. Now closed and recently converted into a parking lot and a fitness center, the mural recalls and pays homage to a building that has remained in the hearts and memories of the people of Livorno.

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“Catalog” is the title of the mural by Lucamaleonte made on the perimeter wall of the Bosco dei Cappuccini. It is an environmental-themed work, in which all the bird species that populate our city are represented and depicted, which continue to thrive thanks to the presence of vital green spaces, such as the small oasis of the Bosco dei Cappuccini. The work is part of a larger project, which involved children and teenagers in various activities within the park, with the aim of educating them to respect the environment and increase their responsibility towards nature and management of resources.


The Imagining the after project” was promoted by the MuraLi and LabroniCon Factory Associations, with the support of Linc – Working together in the community and Arci Livorno, under the Cesvot call for “Young people for volunteering 2020”. the importance of the sense of belonging and participation in the community, despite the necessary measures of social distancing and aimed at involving young Livorno artists and school children so that they can regain possession of city spaces and express their ideas through muralism and art.


The Legal Wall of Via Goito is the first in the city of Livorno and was born as a place open to all and able to welcome the initiatives of artists, collectives and associations, who want to express themselves with decorative intention. Legal walls are free spaces, intended for anyone who wants to express themselves in the practice of writing and Street Art. On a social level, the Legal Wall will allow the comparison between young people who share the same passion and who will have the opportunity to find themselves in a place in which is allowed to draw, thus also limiting any incursions on other private surfaces. Our intent, in fact, is precisely to create a dialogue with young people, giving them the opportunity to express themselves, communicate and create constructive meeting spaces within the urban context also through the creation of workshops and workshops.

The project for the Bosco dei Cappuccini in Via Cecconi was born in 2019 and is part of a vision of urban redevelopment of this small city oasis. The enhancement of this biodiversity heritage is also necessary in anticipation of a city that is more eco-sustainable and more attentive to the environmental cause. Our Association is committed to the project by creating the Lucamaleonte mural and involving children and young people in various activities within the park, with the aim of educating them to respect the environment and increase their responsibility towards nature. and resource management through art and the creation of artistic workshops in collaboration with LIPU.

The Coloriamo Gorgona project was born from the desire to open Gorgona to art and allow prisoners to participate in a redevelopment project of the island. Following the will of the Director of the Livorno Prison and of the detached section of the Island of Gorgona, with the support of the Guarantor of the rights of prisoners of the Municipality of Livorno, and thanks to the contribution of Asa Livorno, our Association has created a mural on the prison island. The work, born at the end of a participation process that involved part of the inmates in the definition of the subject to be represented and saw them involved in the project. The mural was created by the artist Zed1 who, working with the inmates, told about the island’s so particular identity, choosing as the theme that of rebirth represented with the lightness of the fairy tale narrative typical of his work. The project was carried out thanks to the network of associations made up of MuraLi, Arci Livorno and Linc

“Imagine the After” is a project born from the collaboration of the Associations MuraLi and LabroniCon Factory, with the support of Linc – Working together in the community and Arci Livorno created under the Call “Young people for volunteering 2020 of Cesvot, financed with the contribution di Giovanisì – Tuscany Region in agreement with the Department for Youth Policies and Universal Civil Service – Presidency of the Council of Ministers, with the participation and funding of the Monte dei Paschi di Siena Foundation and the CR Firenze Foundation “. The project made it possible to give voice to young Livorno artists, their ideas and their imagination. In this difficult moment that we are experiencing connected to the pandemic, the sense of collectivity and sharing that young people increasingly need has failed. “Imagine The After”, therefore, wanted to underline the importance of the sense of belonging and participation in the community, despite the necessary measures of social distancing, and aim to involve young artists from Livorno, so that they can regain possession of city spaces and express their own ideas through comics, illustration and muralism with a look at the future that only the new generations are able to offer us.

Il Piccolo Birrificio Clandestino  produce una vasta gamma di birre ad alta e bassa fermentazione, per una grande varietà di scelta e di possibili abbinamenti.

Le birre del Piccolo Birrificio Clandestino sono distribuite in buona parte del territorio nazionale.

Oltre a cinque prodotti premiati da Slowfood, il birrificio ha conquistato 4 premi in 3 edizioni del Barcelona Beer Challenge. Nel corso delle edizioni del Beer Attraction la Santa Gulia è stata premiata nel 2011, 2015 e 2018. La Montinera è stata premiata nel 2012 e nel 2014, così come la Riappala nel 2013 e la Fortezza Nuova nel 2016.

Dal 2019 collaboriamo assieme a loro nella creazione di Birre Edizione Limitata riportanti in etichetta l’immagione della parete realizzata dai nostri artisti.