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We are very proud of all activities participating to the MuraLi card. Please have a look below to see which kind of places are present. Feel free to search by name or category.

*The MuraLi’s membership card is personal and is valid only for the person  the named on the MuraLi membership card. While using the MuraLi membershipcard you can be asked for identification to ensure the correct use of the card.

Arabesque 20% discount on inscription fee Classic dancing school Via S. Carlo, 27, 57126 Livorno LI
Atelier del Viaggio 2% discount on reservation (basic quote) Travel Agency Piazza la Giovine Italia, 15, 57126 Livorno LI
Bad Elf 10% discount on dinner Pub Scali delle Ancore, 1, 57123 Livorno LI
Bar Sirena 10% discount on lunch Cafè Corso Giuseppe Mazzini, 306, 57126 Livorno LI
BikeStore MTB Cafe 10% discount on accessories Bike / Bicycle / MTB Store Via dei Ramai, 1, 57121 Livorno LI
Bobble Bobble 5% discount Bubble tea shop Corso Amedeo, 39, 57125 Livorno LI
Bonsignori Vernici 5% discount on all articles Paint Shop Borgo dei Cappuccini, 20/24, 57126 Livorno LI
Borgo Burger 10% discount Hamburger Scali Adriano Novi Lena, 27, 57126 Livorno LI
Borgo Pizza 10% discount Pizzeria Via Giuseppe Verdi, 137, 57126 Livorno LI
Botanic Drink & Food 5% discount on bottles Cafe Via Roma angolo, Via Leonardo Cambini, 57126 Livorno LI
Caffetteria Bistrot Madiba 10% discount on wine drinks / cocktails Bistrò Via della Madonna, 56/58, 57123 Livorno LI
Cibon 5% discount Food Store Piazza Santi Pietro e Paolo, 6, 57126 Livorno LI
Code Mosse coccole & crocchette - Alimenti accessori e pet sartoria 5% discount on animal food - 10% discount on tailoring Pet Store Via dei Cavalletti n. 6
Corner Bistro 10% discount on lunch Bistrò Piazza la Giovine Italia, 22, 57126 Livorno LI
Crowdbooks 20% discount on online Publisher https://crowdbooks.com
Da Ale Pizza 10% discount Pizzeria Viale Caprera, 5, 57123 Livorno LI
Danko 5% discount on a minimum purchase of €30 Restaurant Via Leonardo Cambini, 14, 57125 Livorno LI
Delì 10% discount Food Store Via Roma, 90/a, 57126 Livorno
Disfairy 20% discount on all artisan products Textile & clay creations Borgo dei Cappuccini, 72, 57126 Livorno LI
Edicola Ellevu 10% discount on minimum €20 News stand Piazza la Giovine Italia, 22, 57122 Livorno LI
Farmacia dal Canto 15% discount on a minimum of € 25 spent on Farmacia Dal Canto products Pharmacy Borgo dei Cappuccini, 36, 57126 Livorno LI
Ferramenta Turchi di Turchi Roberto 10% discount Hardware Store Borgo dei Cappuccini, 110, 57126 Livorno LI
Galleria Uovo alla Pop 20% discount on Street Art Tour Art gallery Via Scali delle Cantine, 38, 57122 Livorno LI
Green&Go 10% discount Fast food restaurant Piazza Giuseppe Mazzini, 68, 57126 Livorno LI
I Tre Canti Discount on take-away menu torta+drink+pizza: 8€ Pizzeria Corso Giuseppe Mazzini, 347, 57126 Livorno LI
Il Borghetto 10% discount on minimum €100 Clothing store Borgo dei Cappuccini, 55, 57126 Livorno LI
Il Chioschino Di Filippo Brandolini 10% discount on minimum €5 Cafè Villa Fabbricotti, Viale della Libertà, 32, 57127 Livorno LI
Il Parchino Bistrò 10% discount on minimum €5 Bistrò Via S. Carlo, 57126 Livorno LI
In Borgo Caffè 10% discount on minimum €5 Cafè Borgo dei Cappuccini, 32, 57126 Livorno LI
Jhonny Paranza - Il chiosco 10% discount on minimum €25 Fish and Chips restaurant Piazza Giuseppe Mazzini, 57100 Livorno LI
Linea ufficio sas 10% discount Office Supplies Via Roma, 90/b, 57126 Livorno
Made in Colours 10% discount Advertising agency Corso Giuseppe Mazzini, 311, 57126 Livorno LI
Mare Matto lab 10% discount on dinner Fish restaurant Piazza Mazzini 64, 57126, Livorno Italy
Martini Gioielli 10% discount Jewelry store Borgo dei Cappuccini, 1, 57126 Livorno LI
Minimarket Verdi 10% discount on a minimum purchase of €15 of soaps and household items Grocery store Via Giuseppe Verdi, 66, 57126 Livorno LI
Modo Antiquo S.n.c. di Fedrizzi Cristina 10% discount on furniture restoration Furniture restoration Borgo dei Cappuccini, 165, 57126 Livorno LI
Officine Vinile 10% discount on minimum €50 Vinyl / Record Store Piazza Giuseppe Mazzini, 79, 57126 Livorno LI
Paolo Quinci Liuteria 20% discount on stringed instrument repairs Lutherie Borgo dei Cappuccini, 174, 57126 Livorno LI
Pasta Matta Di Tommasini Greta 10% discount on minimum €10 Fresh Pasta Shop Borgo dei Cappuccini, 37, 57126 Livorno LI
Pesce Fresco di Stefano Pilato 10% discount on the purchase of gadgets and sculptures Art Gallery Borgo dei Cappuccini, 71, 57126 Livorno LI
Piccolo Birrificio Clandestino 10% discount on minimum €20 Pub Via Cimarosa 37-39, 57124 Livorno
Pizzeria da Cecco 10% discount Pizzeria Via dei Cavalletti, 2, 57126 Livorno LI
Pizzeria Pizzino 10% discount on minimum €20 Pizzeria Via Cambini 12/A, 57126 Livorno
Red Hop 15% discount on take away Pub Borgo dei Cappuccini, 18, 57126 Livorno LI
Red House Tattoo 20% discount on 100€ Tattoo Studio Borgo dei Cappuccini, 58, 57126 Livorno LI
Ristorante Cantina Senese 10% discount on take away food and drinks Traditional Cuisine Restaurant Borgo dei Cappuccini, 95, 57126 Livorno LI
Ristorante Enoteca Cantina Nardi 5% discount on bottles Restaurant Via Leonardo Cambini, 6/8, 57126 Livorno LI
Settimo Senso Parrucchieri di Samuele e Silvia & AcquaMarina Estetica 10% discount Hairdresser Via dei Lanzi, 31, 57123 Livorno LI
Sketch 5% discount on bottles (also take away) Bar Via Leonardo Cambini, 3, 57126 Livorno LI

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