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We are very proud of all activities participating to the MuraLi card. Please have a look below to see which kind of places are present. Feel free to search by name or category.

*The MuraLi’s membership card is personal and is valid only for the person  the named on the MuraLi membership card. While using the MuraLi membershipcard you can be asked for identification to ensure the correct use of the card.

If you have an activity and you do want to participate, read more here >>

Find places on the map:

To make it easier to find the activities participating to the 2021 MuraLi Membership, we’ve placed them on a map. This way you can see if you are near any of the places featuring a discount!

I have a shop and want to participate!

Do you have a shop and want to help MuraLi with their Street Art projects? Join the MuraLi Membership program as a shop!

Existing members will have extra places to enjoy their membershipcard and you can profit from the extra customers and attention generated by participating to the MuraLi membership.

As an self-financed project we are looking for all the help we can get!

Please think about how as a shop or activity you can offer an interesting discount. If there are any limits to the discounts please let us know.

We are not looking to create competition in between discounts, the main aim is to support MuraLi.

Please contact us at: info@mura-li.com!


Our Frequently Asked Questions regarding the MuraLi Membership Card is currently under construction. Please check back briefly to have an answer to most hypothetical cases.