Stappati – “Uncork yourself”


Uncorked represents a bottled mermaid holding a narwhal to symbolize the corkscrew. The bottle is a clear historical reference to the messages sent by sailors in ancient times. The profound meaning of the work encourages the observer to free himself from preconceptions and patterns in which we live: in fact the siren, whose head is still locked in the bottle, to be truly free and let her ideas flow into the sea, is forced to open the cap. The fact that she is still entangled in it without being able to get out indicates that it is precisely her own thought of her that is not yet free.

Marco Burresi, better known as Zed1, is a street artist who brings his unmistakable murals around the world from the province of Florence. Through a constant and varied development of the technique, his style evolves as a result of his activity as a writer, which leads him to paint walls and surfaces of all kinds.

His works are cultured and full of meaning, with references to current events or simply to life. His walls tell his story, they are the result of his experiences and his propensity for challenge. Puppets, elves, clowns, mermaids and imaginary characters that populate his works, give life to creations at the limit between the dreamlike and the surreal, in a dreamy and sometimes melancholic atmosphere.

La facciata del palazzo di Borgo dei Cappuccini e’ la parete di dimensioni maggiori del progetto.

Alta piu’ di ventisei metri, la parete si estende in altezza all’angolo di via degli Asili con Borgo dei Cappuccini.

Questa parete era il punto di partenza del nostro progetto!

Borgo dei Cappuccini e’ uno dei più vasti borghi della città, chiamato così perche’ le sue strade portavano al convento dei frati omonimi, lungo la strada che conduceva a Montenero.

Ad oggi il quartiere di Borgo dei Cappuccini con il suo enorme potenziale, soddisfa i bisogni dei suoi abitanti con i suoi piccoli ristoranti e piccole attivita’ indipendenti.